8 Ways to Make Money on Facebook Marketplace

Written by Jennifer Prince, Orginal Article Published @Apartmenttherapy.com

Sometimes life calls for a refresh when you are moving into a new place or have been in your home for years. Updating decor or testing out a new style can be good for the soul. How do you find new decor without breaking your budget? Going social can help that area.

Digital platforms such as Facebook, which were originally used to keep up with friends and find local events, can be an easy way to put money into your pocket or into a shopping budget. Anyone with a Facebook account can buy and sell things. It’s important to know the best practices when you’re in the market for artwork for your walls. There are eight things you should consider to make your Facebook experience successful.

#1. You’re selling the wrong stuff.

One of the easiest ways to get your listing taken down is to list items that are against the rules. Tobacco products, weapons, sex toys, alcohol, and other items are not allowed on Facebook. You can see the full list of things that are against Facebook.

The wrong stuff doesn’t just include the list. If you want to sell an item that has been recalled due to a manufacturing issue, don’t pass it off as a real item. Follow the rules and play nice.

#2. Your photos aren’t doing your items justice.

Poor-quality images are not worth the time of potential buyers. Do your best to show off your wares in the best possible way, by taking blurry, dimly lit photos. Taking the time to photograph your items is important.

If you want to take your items outside, place them near a window. Quality images that clearly present your items can be uploaded. You can highlight different angles and sides. Buyers aren’t surprised when they pick up their purchase if they take pictures of any flaws

#3. You aren’t correctly describing your items.

It is relatively easy to nail the perfect description. The user is responsible for filling in the blanks. A title that is easy to remember will get attention, and use the boxes to list the condition. The description box is a great place to add specific information. Representation of items is important.

The box labeled “product tags” should not be skipped over. To narrow down the search craigslist ad posting service for decorative pillows, use words such asbedding and interior decor. Adding relevant tags helps items reach potential buyers.

#4. You aren’t pricing things properly.

You paid a lot of money for a piece of furniture, and you want to get some of it back. Unless it is a designer piece in high demand, chances are you will sell it for less than the original price. You can find out how much other people are selling on Facebook by looking at it. You may be able to get $500 in other areas, but not in some areas.

If you can offer to ship the item yourself, you could potentially get more. Someone down the street may not pay a lot of money for a vintage vase, but a couple states may think it is a good deal. It is possible to open up a whole new world of interested parties.

#5. You’re uncertain who claimed the item.

Everyone uses a preferred method of contact. If several people are looking at your houseplant, you may receive multiple comments and messages under your post. It can be hard to know who was the first to claim an item. Do your best to find out who gets your plants.

The buyer who is willing to meet or pick up the item first is the other way around. A simple comment doesn’t mean a sale. A buyer can claim an item and then ghost you. If the response is large, sellers may ignore buyers. When it comes to timing, it’s important to be fair as a seller and gracious as a buyer.

#6. You aren’t prepared for virtual payments.

It is possible to arrange safe payment to protect yourself. If you meet in person, use cash or a service such as Cash App. It is important to be prepared, so make sure to have money on hand or the app on your phone.

Some people take advantage of people who pay ahead of time to not meet up. It’s never a good experience to be left in the dark after paying for an item, so be patient. If you use a third-party payment service, you may be able to request a refunds for things you didn’t receive or received in a different shape. Before you use an app, check out its purchase protection options.

#7. You’re not playing it safe.

Bad apples are few and far between, so you need to be careful with Facebook. A grocery store parking lot is a good place to meet for buying or selling. Don’t be alone during the pickup time if you must rendezvous with large furniture pieces. If you have to go it alone, invite a friend over for lunch, ask your roommate or partner to stick around for the meeting, or if you do have to go it alone, text a friend to check in with you.

Do your homework and give your buyer or seller a quick look. Freshly created profiles are easy to spot. If it just doesn’t feel right, you’re free to pass.

#8. Your listing isn’t updated.

If an item sells, be sure to mark it sold or take it down, because Facebook cannot read your mind. You don’t want to field unnecessary comments months after your stuff is gone.

If a piece is not selling, you may be asking for too much money or the description is not detailed enough. Make sure that your item sells. It is possible to boost your articles to show up at the top of searches and quickly reach potential buyers. Depending on the price of your item, it may be worthwhile to spend a few dollars on promotion to get the right clientele.

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