ALDI Quarters – A Must Have!

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Be sure to bring your quarter to ALDI!

Have you ever thought of Darth? I forgot a quarter while rummaging through your purse, but I didn’t know you didn’t have one? You have to decide if you can carry your groceries or not.

You can get a cute Keychain Coin holders for only $1.19 at your local ADLI. Use it to store your quarter until you are ready to use it.

We found Christmas themed coin holders and other items. When these are gone, don’t wait too long.

If you don’t shop at ALDI, the reason you need a quarter is to use a grocery cart. Don’t worry, you will get it back! The system that is in place at ALDI keeps all the carts together.

You must use a quarter to open the lock on the corral and release the cart from it. When you are done shopping, you can take the cart back to the corral and use the key in the corral to get your quarter back. This keeps carts out of the parking lot. Someone usually grabs your cart quickly if you don’t want to take it back for your quarter.

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