Foundation Repair Process – What to Expect

Foundation Repair Process – What to Expect

Walk through the foundation repair process.

Understand the process of foundation repair. Foundation repairs are a major event and should be prepared. At the end of the tunnel, it is a shining light. Follow us through the lift. It is a good way to show the process and explain what to expect.

The home in North Texas is over 5000 SF. It needed an over-lift of six inches. Lifting the entire house to a level is usually what it takes. An additional amount is added to the structure. After the foundation repair is complete, soil movement can impact the structure.

Thelings need to be placed around the beam. The outer edge of the foundation has a beam.

There are columns under a foundation. The house is on a firm foundation. There are tunnels under the house. They run from one end of the house to the other. They need to gain access to the interior foundation beams. There is a waffle under the side of a foundation. The foundation beams are thicker than the waffles. There are tunnels under the house. They run from one end of the house to the other. They need to gain access to the interior foundation beams.

A/C pads need to be moved. The A/C units have pads. Everything next to the house moves up when the house is raised. The A/C connections are moved with the lift when the A/C pads are lifted. They are able to move freely during the lift.

When the foundation repair lift is complete, the landscaping is put back in place and connections are covered with soil.

There are areas of concrete or asphalt that need to be broken out. The foundation beams can be reached if the solid surface is broken through. After the lift, breaks are repaired.

There is a garage floor that is broken. It is necessary to break through the garage floor to get to the beam under the garage. There are two post tension cables in this photo. The cables support the foundation.

The driveway is repaired after the foundation repair lift. The arrow shows where concrete has been poured to cover the break.

The plumbing cracked foundations and electrical services are not safe before lifting. A foundation repair lift can be used for plumbing repairs. The plumbing has been found. There is a foundation repair lift.

The plumbing is the same as before. The guy is getting a shower. There is a leak that needs to be fixed.

The utilities are exposed prior to lifting. The lifting process can cause damage. The lift requires room and air space. Without flexibility, they will break. There is an arrow on the ground.

The ground is marked by an arrow after the house has been lifted. The utilities used the lift. There was no damage to the utilities during or after the lift.

The tunnels were dug. They will be used to access each beam. The tunnels are 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep. The space is enough to allow the technicians to work. The foundation repair pilings will be placed under the beams.

There are jacks in the tunnels. The home will be lifted under the foundation beams.

The beams are placed under the support cylinders.

The gaps appear after the lift. The lift exposed clean concrete. Flat work is done where needed.

The house was lifted 12 times. The dirt has lifted up with the house. Plants, gate posts, and other objects next to the house would be lifted and moved away from the house. It is time for the clean up to begin. This is where everything begins. The dirt was lowered back to its original elevation. The objects that were lifted out of position will be returned to rights.

After the job is done, you can see another side of the house. Everything was picked up. The dirt is back where it was before.

The entrances are not open. The tunnels are still intact to allow access to future plumbing repairs. Water can be drained from the tunnels by installing a gravity drain. This is the drainage pipe.

Landscaping is put back in placed.

The house is no more.

After a full lift foundation repair, the front of the property is now visible.

This walk through will help us understand the repair process. The process can be chaotic. Order is restored when the lift is done. The home is left resting on a firm foundation after the chaos is over.

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