The 15 Fashion Brands That Made the ’90s a Great Time to Be A

History shows that fashion is repeated time and time again. A variety of trends have recently made a comeback among youth.

We fell in love with the endless possibilities of fashion because of brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Fubu. The brands that made it cool to look like a celebrity will always be remembered.

The labels that ruled the ’90s are no longer in the forefront, but they are still remembered.

Tommy Hilfiger

Everyone from Aaliyah to Snoop Dogg wore Tommy and influenced their fans to wear it. You were not cool if you didn’t have a red, white and blue logo when you were out with friends.


The motto before YOLO was “For Us By Us”. The collection was founded by Daymond John. The African American demo took the ’90s era by storm with T-Shirts, hats, jeans and sneakers.


The hip designer clothes-hop fashion label capitalized on its street wear line. The collection was a must-have for the everyday school student.

The campaign ads featured the hottest celebs.

Mecca USA

Mecca USA was a staple in the urban fashion world. Some of the hottest designs were worn by legends like Chuck D and his squad.


Since 1994, Nautica has been creating clothing for men. The popular boy in school looks like a million bucks because of the hoodies and bomber jackets he wears.


When he created this brand, founder Milecofsky knew what he was doing. For almost 20 years, the brand of hood sexy has been a go-to brand for men and women. The youth had rappers and producers like Jermaine Dupri to look up to as proof that this brand was a winner.


If you ever needed proof that your fashion game was up to par, Notorious B.I.G. said it best.

Biggie made it cool to wear the colorful sweaters.

Phat Farm

Russell Simmons built an empire around the farm. Everyone stayed fresh with the hats, hoodies, jeans and even women’s line Baby Phat by Kimora Lee.

Calvin Klein

The celebs brought the logo to an urban audience. Everyone wanted to be part of the Calvin Klein crew, even if they wore a hat or a swimsuit.

Girbaud Jeans

Everyone from Da Brat to Busta Rhymes loved to include Marith Franois Girbaud in their song lyrics. The pants were created to accommodate the hardcore rappers and Lisa Bonet.

Pelle Pelle

The world thanks this brand for being the first to market. The founder of the company designed brightly colored leather jackets. Entertainers like Bobby Brown, and Dru Hill, loved being in the show.

Karl Kani

The first to combine hip-hop and fashion was the company that created the street wear by the name of Ralph Lauren. The three men loved to support the brand by rocking it whenever they were photographed.


This brand was still relevant in this day and age, selling everything from clothing and accessories to jewelry and fragrances.

Cross Colours

Everyone could create their own style. The Carl Jones founded line was popular with girl groups like Salt NPepa and TLC.

Pepe Jeans

The code to making denim in America was cracked by this London collection. The jeans brand has been making customers happy for almost 40 years by selling jeans and coats.

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