The UV-C Mobile Room Disinfection System is a Complete Solution for Air and Surface


The complete solution for air and surface disinfection

The UV-C Mobile Room Disinfection system is designed for organizations that want to make sure their rooms are safe.

It can be extended to deliver a high UV-C dose from just a 10 minute run time.

Robust and reliable

It is made from a steel called STAINLESS STEEL. It can be washed down if required. The eight germicidal tubes are glass safe and are suitable for sensitive environments, such as hospitals and food manufacturing facilities.

UV health and safety

The system has a wi-fi enabled tablet disinfecting wand that allows the user to start the cycle from outside the room. The UV lamps will be turned off immediately if anyone enters the room while the cycle is paused or stopped.

You can read about the dangers of UV rays.

Directions for use

The UV-C Mobile Room Disinfection system is simple to use and does not require any training.

You can wheel the unit in to the room you want to kill bugs in. The centre of the room is where rooms 6m x 6m or 888-282-0465 888-282-0465 888-282-0465 should be. The emergency stop button should be out if the blue waterproof cable is plugged into the mains power. You don’t need to connect the tablet to your own network to take it with you. Wait a few moments for the system to check the room. Press the start-up icon and log in using the pin number provided. The main screen has a timer that will be set to 10 minutes. Press start. An audible alarm will sound when the unit is about to come on, and the system will once again check the room for movement. The UV lamps will turn on if there is no movement. Press PAUSE on the main operation screen if you need to pause the cycle. The lights will cut out, an alarm will sound and a warning will appear on the screen if any movement is detected. The cycle can be changed. The operator will be notified that the cycle has finished when the timer reaches zero. The operator can immediately enter the room to either remove the system or run additional cycles to reduce the amount of shadow.

If you are required to run multiple cycles to ensure full coverage, please refer to the full manual for recommendations.

Technical information

The light saveuv power supply requirements are 220-240V 50Hz and have a rating of 700W.

Spectral output

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