Tie Dye Yoga Pants

I’m really excited about this one. Since they came out of the dryer, I haven’t taken them off. I was not interested in buying a pair tie dye yoga pants of tie dye yoga pants that were selling for $56 online because I rarely spend more than ten dollars for a clothing item. It’s like a giant treasure hunt when you shop at thrift store. I found a pair of yoga pants that were white. For something with synthetic fibers in it, like spandex, I used RIT. Cotton does not take to natural dyes as well as synthetic fibers do. You can make these in a bright color, but I prefer neutrals. I think I want to make a pair of burnt orange ones. That would be gorgeous.

  • White yoga pants (or any white pants, really)
  • Dye in the color of your choice
  • Rubber bands
  • If you choose to do this in your washing machine, you should have a plastic tote or bucket.

I put a rubber band over the knee on each leg. If you want to add more stripes, you could.

I tied a rubber band around a small section of fabric near the bottom of the pants. I made sure the fabric was on the outside of the leg. I tied a rubber band around a section of fabric on the leg. Another after that. I did this on the other leg. The rubber bands on my pants are shown in the picture above.

I followed the instructions on the box. I put 3 gallons of hot water in a plastic tote and wet down the pants. I put my pants in the dye bath and then put them back in. I let my pants sit in the dye bath for a while. I took them out of the water and turned it down to cool. I ran the excess water out of the washing machine after the water ran clear. I took the rubber bands off before I put them in the dryer. They were put in the dryer.

I was listening to the click of the dryer. I have been wearing them since.

Eeeeek! They’re so comfortable and fun!

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