Waterproofing Your Basement in the Winter

It may seem like a good idea bowing walls, but most homeowners assume that it can only be done in the spring or summer when the weather is warm. In the wintertime, this project can be done, even though it can be more difficult in warmer temperatures. Some methods work well during the winter season, while others aren’t. It’s important that your basement is waterproofed in the winter to protect your investment.

The Truth About Winter Basement Waterproofing

Winter waterproofing can not be done effectively during that time of the year. It can be done in the winter and will be effective. This time of year can be a slower time for contractors because of the external temperature and frozen ground. There aren’t as many people doing similar work in the winter so you can get it done quicker. You should talk to your contractor about your needs, any issues you see with your basement, and whether winter waterproofing is right for you.

It is always a good idea to waterproof your basement if there are problems with it. As the ground thaws in the spring, the situation will only get worse. Before that happens and you end up with a damp, moldy mess in your basement, you need to get the work done by a professional. It will give you peace of mind throughout the rest of the winter and into spring.

What You Should Look Out For

If there are issues that need to be addressed, then you should consider waterproofing your home in the winter. Some people choose to wait until spring because they don’t want to have any problems with their basement It may be difficult to waterproof your basement in winter, but it is a better choice than having a water problem continue until springtime.

Look for cracks, where the mortar is coming loose between blocks, or where the window wells are losing their caulking. If you see chips on your foundation walls, that could be a sign of a water problem. If you want a professional opinion, call a contractor. You will have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision if you wait until the spring. Peeling paint in your basement could mean a water issue, so look for anything that is out of the ordinary based on the way your basement usually looks.

Benefits of Winter Waterproofing

The speed at which the contractor can get to your job is one of the top benefits of winter home improvement. Contractors are more likely to be available during the winter since more people choose the spring and summer for their waterproofing. You will want to get the work done and get back to enjoying your home. Getting the work done quickly is the most important thing to focus on because it can help protect your home’s basement faster.

Waterproofing Methods You Can Use in the Winter

In places like Michigan where the weather is cold and the ground is often frozen, using exterior methods in the winter is not a good idea. That is true of paint-on types of options. There are paints that can be used on the inside of a basement. They can be used in the winter to protect a basement.

It is possible to use other types of waterproof in the winter, such as caulking cracks in the foundation or basement walls, and making sure that all interior measures have been taken to prevent water from getting into the basement. If there are gaps, holes, cracks and other issues with the way the basement is sealed, you can have your basement dry. In the wintertime, installing drain and pumps can be done. The majority of this type of work is done in the basement.

Don’t settle for less than you need. You can feel good about hiring a contractor. When it is cold outside, talk to them about the options for waterproofing your basement. You will be on your way to a dry basement when you do that. The work can be done in the spring. When the weather is cold, you can get the rest of the work done.

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